Sell your furniture with Ready My Space
Please forward furniture details for listing
1) 15% conversion fee upon conversion
2) Remaining will be transferred within 8 days
Whatsapp the details :


Seller chooses Ready My Space to list items on website for free

Product is listed on the website with the exact price mentioned by the seller

Facebook, Instagram & Google ads are run for marketing the items

Once a buyer has finalized the product, he can purchase via credit & debit card, Tabby, Post-pay & Tamara

Once we have online payment confirmation from the buyer

We send payment draft to the seller

Either buyer can pick up on his own or Ready My Space can arrange transport depending on chosen shipping option by the buyer

Payout of remaining 85% will be credited to the seller within 8 business days from the buyer payment confirmation day

For example: If you choose to sell the bed for AED 600

Upon successful conversion, 15% which is AED 90 will be marketing & process fee

Remaining 85% which is AED 510 will be credited within 8 days due to payment gateway settlement time.

(Note: VAT is applicable wherever applicable as per standard regulation)